Data processing delay – more than 300.000 statements in 15 days

SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics Moodle has reached over 200 downloads in the first two weeks after launch.

This has already brought around 3000 active users and more than 300.000 data statements collected to the platform.

This volume in such a short period of time has overwhelmed our servers temporarily. All data is correctly collected and received, however, the data cooking process done by SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics highly sophisticated machine learning algorithms is currently still ongoing. Please consider there are many cases of insititutions sending years of courses historical data.

This means many users wont see the processed dashboard view yet, but instead will get a temporary screen with the message “Your data is still being prepared”. We are working in finishing the cooking process as soon as possible, as well as deploying a code optimization that speeds up the process. The estimated time for this is 2 weeks.

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