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SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics for Moodle 3.0+ is now available!

Yes! It is finally out. And we would like you to try it on its official release on Moodle. Stable, useful, and easy to use!

We have officially released the new SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics on Moodle.org Plugin Repository. It´s compatible with Moodle 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 and 3.0

After working on this new version for a long time, a complete redesign, and lots of feedback from users, we are confident it will feel like a big jump fordward.

What is SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics about?

Analyze the Institution data, Course Performance, Dimensions, LMS Usage, Course Evolution and more. View all at a glance in Easy to Use dashboards for Institution, Teacher & Student.

Just install and watch it do the magic

Download SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics on Moodle.org

Want some pics of SmartKlass™ in action?

Institution LMS Activity - Learning Analytics Moodle

This section shows an Statistics overview of a real institution. In the graph you can follow the activity / usage of your LMS globally, and discover when is the learning process happening.

Course Performance - Learning Analytics Moodle

This section shows the Global Performance of a real institution. All courses across your LMS are divided into Outstanding, Average, and Difficulties. This groupings are dinamically calculated each day according to the students performance per course. View your Institution performance at a glance daily!

Course Overview - Learning Analytics Moodle

This is the Course Overview Dashboard. Allows to understand a series of metrics per course and per student. If you scroll down, a evolution chart will be displayed. In order to see it you just have to download and install SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics for Moodle! Its easy! Its Free!

Download SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics on Moodle.org

See you on the other side

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